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The Mosque Of Kebir Djami

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Limassol is one of the most popular tourist destinations Cyprus: tourists call this place a city holiday and love it for the noisy and fun carnivals and shows. In addition, the city has many attractions, historical, cultural and architectural monuments. For example, one of the largest mosques of Limassol Kebir Jami (sometimes also called Djami Kebir) is a fine example of traditional Islamic architecture. It is located directly opposite the Limassol city fortress, just a few hundred meters North-West from it, near the mosque are the famous Turkish bath-Hamam.

The exact date of the creation of Kebir Jami is unknown, but presumably it was built in the late XVI century. This ancient mosque built of white stone, both inside and outside is striking in its elegant simplicity. Its small barred Windows passed enough light, but at the same time inside remains quite a mysterious atmosphere, and the thick walls allow you to maintain the room nice and cool even on the hottest days.

At the moment, the Kebir mosque JAMA is valid, even though the Muslim community which it is visited, is very small, and the mosque is often closed. In addition, it is officially closed to tourists, but with a strong desire to still can be accessed for a small donation for the maintenance of the temple opened it for the most curious and persistent of visitors. But we must not forget that when you enter, be sure to remove your shoes and women should cover their heads.