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The Church Of Antifonitis

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The Church of Antifonitis, which is part of the once very influential and wealthy monastery, located a few kilometers South of the village of Esentepe near Kyrenia. The word "Antifonitis" can be roughly translated as "one who answers", so often this place is called "the monastery-echo" or "match Christ."

Legend has it that on this spot once upon a time a beggar asked the rich man to borrow money. When he asked who could vouch for him, the poor man replied, "Lord." At this moment they both heard the Voice of God.

It is believed that the history of Antifonitis began in the seventh century, when in a secluded place in the mountains among the thickets of the forest, a Church was built in honor of the virgin Mary. Later, approximately in the XII-XIV centuries, it was enlarged with a gallery and porch and a covered loggia.

In the XV century Antifonitis took under his patronage the Lusignan dynasty, who then reigned in Cyprus, granting the monastery the status of "Royal" and helping him financially. And when the island was captured by the Turks, due to the fact that one of the descendants of former rulers managed to buy this place, the temple was converted into a mosque.

The dome of the Church, which is held by eight columns, has not the right, and slightly oval in shape - it is believed that the cause of this was the fault of the builders. The altar symbolically separated from the main part of the temple with two columns. Special attention and admiration of tourists is a wall painting inside the Church, which, unfortunately, is not very well preserved to the present day, but still leaves a lasting impression.

Today the Church of Antifonitis was one of the most important monuments of Cyprus from the middle Ages.