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The archaeological Museum of Larnaca

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The archaeological Museum located in the heart of Larnaca - the third largest settlement of Cyprus, is the perfect place for lovers of antiquity. It contains a rich collection of antiquities found in the territory of what is now the city.

The Museum was established in 1969, there were only two exhibition halls, but in 1987-1988, its exposition has been greatly expanded. The Museum collection consists of objects that belong to different historical eras - from Neolithic to Roman times. Most of them were found at the ancient settlement of Choirokoitia (Khirokitia) and Awning. Surprisingly, these settlements were founded before the period of navigation, which immediately caused a lot of questions about how people were able to get from the mainland to the island. Over time, scientists came to the conclusion that Cyprus became an island after a strong earthquake, and before that was one with Syria.

A special place in the collection belongs to the items discovered on the territory of the ancient city of Kition, the ruins of which are located approximately 1 kilometer from the Museum building, so if you want visitors can even observe the process of excavation which is still ongoing. So, there were found some fine alabaster vases, coins, lamps, statues, and tools.

Only the two main halls of the Museum you can see the ivories, stoneware, earthenware and alabaster, fragments of columns, statues of the pagan gods, the reconstruction of the ancient dwellings and structures.