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The Cyprus wine Museum in Erimi

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Cyprus has long been famous for its fine wines. The history of winemaking on the island more than one thousand years. So, one of the centers of winemaking in Cyprus is the Limassol vineyards which for more than 150 years. Just 17 kilometers West of the town is the small village of Tala, which has always played a significant role in the production of wine, besides it was at the crossroads of major trade routes, which contributed to the development of this industry. in addition, next to it stands an ancient castle, formerly belonging to the crusaders and gave its name to the famous wine "Commandaria", the recipe of which is considered the oldest wine recipe in the world. It is a wine that the English king Richard the Lionheart was referred to as the "wine of the kings and Queen of wines".

The Museum was created on the initiative of the composer Anastasia guy in 2000 in one of the local mansions. There's two floors, you can see several expositions devoted to the process of production and storage of wine, and the history of winemaking in Cyprus. The Museum also has a large number of vessels of various shapes, which contained this noble drink. The greatest value in the Museum is considered a small jug of red color, which is more than 2500 years.

In addition, the Museum has a wonderful collection of the best wines of Cyprus, which is stored in basements and cellars. There is a tasting room where you can taste wine, grape juice and traditional Cypriot cuisine, but also to buy a bottle of any drink.