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Archaeological Museum of Kourion

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Archaeological Museum of Kourion, situated in the village Epistome approximately 12 kilometres from Limassol, has a rich collection of values, most of which relates to the period of antiquity. Despite the fact that the Museum is quite small, it is definitely worth it to visit it - because this area has a rich and storied history, the Museum became the owner of a truly valuable items. The main part of things stored in there were found in excavations of the ancient city of Kourion, founded in the XII century BC by the Mycenaeans. This settlement lasted until the middle Ages. Its ruins were discovered in the early XX century.

The Museum was opened in 1953 in the home of one of the members of a scientific expedition, located near the site. The first floor will occupy two exhibition halls. They contain pottery, on which to distinguish the elegantly painted, copper, pottery, coins, statues and busts. So, in the first room are exhibited statues of Asklepios and Hermes, fragments of mosaic and marble lining, coins, decorative elements, ceramic products. And the second household items, jewelry, articles of gold and ivory sculpture found in the sanctuary of Apollo, photographs of archaeological sites and much more. In addition, in the courtyard of the building housed the largest exhibits - dimensional statues and columns, as well as fragments thereof. The Museum also has a special room for restoration.