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The Church Asino

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Quite a small Church Asinou located in the Eastern part of the Troodos mountains just a short distance from the village of Nikitari. The name of this temple was from the eponymous village, which once almost on this spot was founded by Greek settlers in the XI century BC, although the official Church bears the name of Panagia Poriotis.

The temple was built in the year 1056 Nicephorus - the husband of the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos. Just a few decades the Church became the Cathedral Church of the great Torviscosa monastery, which, however, went into decline.

Asino is a stone structure with a tiled roof without dome, made in the Byzantine style.

First of all, this Church is famous for its vivid frescoes of the XII-XVI centuries, which are perfectly preserved to our days. It is assumed that they were all made by Slavic masters. The Central part of the mural depicts scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, and Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena equal to the Apostles. In the apse depicts the virgin Mary in the narthex - St. George on horseback. There you can also see scenes of the resurrection of Lazarus, communion of Mary and the apostles, etc., the Most ancient frescoes are located on the Western and Eastern walls of the temple.

Thanks to this unique painted Church Asinou was listed as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO. In the middle of the twentieth century joint efforts of the Cypriot authorities and Harvard University carried out extensive reconstruction of the wall paintings of the temple.

The Church Asinou very popular among pilgrims, tourists and lovers of antiquity. Despite its tiny size, it is one of the most famous monuments of Byzantine art in the world.