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Church Angeloktistos in Kiti

Photos and description

The small Church of Angeloktisti, which is only ten kilometers from Larnaca in the village of Kiti, famous all over the world. The Church is indeed a unique structure, as it actually consists of three separate buildings, constructed at different times. Originally, this place in the V century there was a Christian sanctuary, but it was destroyed during one of the Arab raids.

All that remains of the building is the apse with a unique mosaic of the beginning of VII century, depicting the virgin Mary who holds baby Jesus. On the left side is the Archangel Michael, on the right is Gabriel, each holding a sphere and a rod. Unfortunately, the figure of Michael is seriously damaged - it was only the head part of the apparel and the hand. Images made in the traditional manner of icon painting of the early Byzantine period. Besides this mosaic gave the name of the whole Church - Panagia Angeloktistos, which means "Auspicious lady of the angels."

Later on the ruins of a building in the XI century was built the Byzantine Church. And in the XII century, was erected next to a small chapel in honor of saints Cosmas and Damian. In the XIV century there is another chapel - Roman Catholic. Today it is the entrance to Angeloktistos. They have some interesting mosaics.

The Church still operates, although there mostly come to pray to the locals. Despite the world-famous, among tourists it is not very popular, so there are no large concentrations of people, and no one can stop to enjoy the beauty of this place.