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Folk art Museum is one of the most interesting and informative museums of Limassol. He began his work in 1985 and is housed in a beautiful, renovated two-storey building of the XIX century, located in St. Andreas.

The Museum's collection, mainly consisting of rare and antique items of the late XIX - early XX centuries, housed in six large halls. They collected objects of art, household items, clothing, jewelry, tools and even furniture made by craftsmen of Cyprus - a total of more than 500 exhibits.

For example, the Museum houses a beautiful collection of table porcelain, which has about 30 dishes in various styles, some of which were made in 1725. And in other halls you can see a large loom, bed, casual clothes and traditional costumes, decorated with exquisite embroidery products, woven from beads, pottery, tapestries, paintings. Particularly noteworthy is the bed linen and the wonderful covers that the Cypriots collected as a dowry for the bride and traditionally were stored in decorative chests are also displayed in the Museum.

Remarkably, the Museum's collection is constantly updated, there are new exhibits that come to him from all corners of the island. Often this is due to local residents, who give the institution the ancient things found in attics and basements.

In 1989, the Museum was awarded the Europa Nostra, which is awarded for the restoration and maintenance of cultural sites in Europe.