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Church. Paraskeva

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The Church of the Holy Martyress Paraskeva, located near Paphos in the small village of Chlorakas is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the Venetian period Cyprus.

The temple was built in IX century in honor of St. Paraskeva, who has devoted his life to the service of God and the conversion of the Gentiles to Christianity. She was executed during the persecution of Christians in the year 161. As legend has it, before she was tortured to renounce their faith. However, her wounds each time miraculously healed. When she finally refused to bow down to his tormentors, she was beheaded.

Church. Paraskeva traditionally has the shape of a cross, also there is a high bell tower and five domes, the largest of which - the Central one is supported by four pillars. It is assumed that the Church was built on the ruins of an early Christian Basilica.

This place became famous thanks to its fine frescos that artists adorn its walls during the X-XV centuries. They mainly depict scenes from the Gospels: the birth, baptism and crucifixion of Christ, the last supper, the images of the saints. And in the center of the dome you can see the virgin on the knees which sits a little Christ.

The biggest value of the Church is the icon of the Mother of God, on which she holds Jesus. As local residents say, this icon found in the nineteenth century farmer, who noticed in the bushes near a village some luminescence. When he and neighbors approached closer, we saw an amazing icon, and next to it a lighted lamp. Then discovery moved to the Church where she is still.