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The ancient city of Salt

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Near the Cypriot capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Morphou is a town, the main attraction which is the ancient city of Salt, of which today only ruins are left. He was once one of the ten largest cities-States, where at that time was concentrated the whole active life of Cyprus. And its name he received in honor of the legendary Greek politician and philosopher Solon.

About the date of Foundation of the city, scientists have not yet come to a consensus. The first evidence that this territory was inhabited by people Dating back to the XI century BC. And full city appeared there, according to one version, only to the VI century BC, but according to another version, this event occurred later in the second century BC.

During their excavations, archaeologists discovered on the territory of the city many interesting buildings and objects. Although all the temples, palaces and important buildings of Salt from different historic periods, but most of the finds belong to the Roman era. One of the grandest discoveries was a huge Roman amphitheatre that had a capacity of about 3.5 thousand people. The amphitheatre has excellent acoustics and there is a wonderful view of the surroundings. Also, scientists have found the statue of Aphrodite Kiprinskoe, Dating back to the first century, which, however, are quite well preserved.

In addition, during the excavations failed to discover the temples dedicated to Aphrodite, ISIS, Serapis, several large palaces, an Agora with a marble fountain, lots of tombs, where was found a large amount of jewelry, which now can be seen in the archaeological Museum of the city of Guzelyurt, and many other interesting things.