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Bastion of Porta del Mare

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Bastion of Porta del Mar was one of the two main gates through which you can get to the city of Famagusta is surrounded by a high fortified wall. It was built in the period from 1491 to 1496, the year to reinforce the defensive capacities of the city by the architect nicolò Priuli. The Bastion was called the "Porta del Mare", which means "Sea gate", because it was the first that saw the sailors with the ship when approaching the city.

During the time of the Venetians, who built this Bastion, its main gate was protected by an iron lifting bars, and over them were carved the figure of the winged lion, symbol of Mark the Evangelist - one of the patrons of Venice. A little further from the gate, there is another marble lion - the emblem of the Venetian Republic. On it was engraved the name of the architect and year of completion of construction of the Bastion. There is a legend that one night this lion opens his mouth and who at this moment put it in your hand, will become the owner of countless treasures. Later, after the Ottomans captured the fortress and the city, the structure was slightly rearranged the bars on the gates were replaced with iron clad wooden door, but the lions remained untouched.

Bastion to the present day preserved in good condition, which in itself speaks about its reliability. But despite this, in recent years, on its territory are carried out repair and restoration work. In addition, part of the Bastion refers to the customs area, so it is closed to the public.