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IQ Park

Scientific experiments, interesting experiences, intricate mazes, playing with fire, with water, various safe chemicals, puzzle for clever and clever optical illusions - all you offers IQ Park science located in Liberec. Study all exhibits, participation in the proposed rides, test installed units, communication with experts will take about 3-4 hours, so decided to go to this interesting technical Museum, correctly count the time.

All the exhibits of this science adventure centre available for study. Even the smallest child can touch them, press buttons, try to use them to perform some action, such as the weaving of nanofibers. For this function answer devices nanoenergy. A special lab filled with unique mechanisms that help to better understand natural phenomena. A separate room allows you to explore the human body from the inside. There is also a compartment inhabited by a humanoid robot - the only in the Czech Republic. However, the most interesting attraction of the Park visitors are considered a laboratory where you can feel like an astronaut, experiencing various machines and devices used in the training of people intending to go into space. To tickle the nerves of the visitors, the staff of the IQ Park is often carried out spectacular experiments in the presence of guests. So, next to the children may appear suddenly zip.

As scientific adventure Park is very popular, its time work on holidays and weekends increased.