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One of the most famous attractions of the Czech village Bridge is a racetrack, located right in the city. It was founded on the site of the old coal collapse "Urbanski", which determined the degree of difficulty of the local paved trails.

The local circuit is not only used for carrying out various motorcycles and autocaravana that gather thousands of spectators, but to teach extreme driving cars and trucks.

The local race track is used to test a variety of vehicles e.g., fire trucks or ambulances. There can train drivers operating in these services, from a quick response which sometimes depend the lives of many people. When the circuit courses, which teach the behavior in unusual situations requiring innovative solutions.

Bridge of the city in the postwar period, often held a car race. The first such competition was held in 1947. Then the cars went on the track which skirted a local brewery.

In 1978-1983 year saw the construction of the race track with professional tracks that were equipped with barriers, bridges, sharp turns and descents, unexpected climbs, high fences. In the opening ceremony of the racetrack was attended by the owners of 35 racing cars and 22 powerful motorbikes.

In 1995, the circuit was exposed to serious reconstruction. The track was repaired, seats for spectators made more secure. Was carried out a powerful advertising campaign for the promotion and popularization of the circuit that made it one of the most fashionable places for leisure and recreation in the city.