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Automatic mill

Pardubice is not lacking in water resources, through the town flow two rivers: the Elbe and Chrudimka. And the second is a tributary of the first. Chrudimka - a small river, more like a canal, encircles the castle and the historic quarters, so located almost in the center of the city. This fact allows us, without spending a lot of time and effort to visit one of the city's attractions, which is located directly on the right Bank of this river. This automatic mill is a Grand brick building resembling a factory.

In the early twentieth century Pardubice was a small town whose face has not been broken factory pipes. Lived here, mostly farmers and peasants who were engaged in agriculture. Only after the arrival of the railway branch of Pardubice recognized Industrialists who appreciated this city.

The centre of the Pardubice region began to expand, so the banks of the two rivers was turned into parkland. However, rational use of energy, which gave the river, caused protests of local residents. So they didn't mind the mills, which stood here for centuries. Next to the traditional water mill, which is owned by Ian Pekarek, was a tavern, where often spent the evening local men.

In 1909, work began on the breakdown of parks, so the mill became unprofitable. The family of Pekarek had to sell his land to the brothers of Winternitz - young people who welcomed technological progress and were not afraid to use their achievements for its own good.

On the site of the old mill they erected a new automatic. After a fire in 1919 the building was again restored, and in the 60-ies of XX century completely reconstructed. The mill is still in working condition.