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Adršpach rocks

Adršpach rocks are an unusual cluster of rock formations located near the town of Broumov and is part of the protected zone Broumovsko. Like any national Park, Broumovsko open to the public. But it's very big, it consists of several districts, so for once do not try to see everything at once. It is better to start with the most interesting section of the reserve Adršpach rocks. Their territory covers 17,72 sq. km.

All walks around the Adršpach rocks start from the village of Adršpach. That is where is the cash register, selling tickets, allowing a visit to the famous cliffs. There all visitors are issued the cards, which bear the main tourist route. Be prepared to spend in the Park from 3 to 8 hours. As it can take a walk on the rocks.

For what thousands of tourists go to Adršpach rocks? To see the unusual rock formations, numerous caves, deep canyons and roaring waterfalls, located in a stone labyrinth and easily find the road, focusing on the map. Many rocks of this title, and quite poetic: Sugar loaf, Lovers and so on.

Climbers, too, do not overlook these rocks, which are considered hard to conquer, but very interesting.

Adršpach rocks were formed very long ago. They are part of the Cretaceous sediments of the ancient sea and towering above the valley at 600 meters. Over their outlines work the sun and wind.

In the reserve there are several lakes with clear water, in which it is forbidden to swim, but are allowed to ride on the boat.