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Luxury local water Park called "Aquadrome" is the pride of the Czech village Bridge. There are a few places that end in "-Drome". This Hippodrome and race track. These three "-Drome" is considered the hallmark of the Bridge, so all the tourists entering the city, always strive to visit these institutions.

Extensive sports complex "Aquadrome" was opened in June 2003 in the building of the existing city pool. Existing pool became part of the Park, to which were added some more water venues, such as a heated pool of water.

"Aquadrome" belongs to the Czech state, are responsible for its condition and carrying out repairs of city government. They have allocated funds for the reconstruction of the old pool. The renovation of this building cost 270 million kroons.

"Aquadrom" loves adults and children. For the latter there is arranged a paddling pool with a few scary slides. Kids have fun while their parents relax in the Jacuzzi or the sauna, lazily sipping cocktails at a local café, relax in the sun loungers or swim in the pool. By the way, the adult campers offers two unique attraction - high ornate pipe-slides.

The water Park also has three outdoor swimming pools and a range of sports fields: a field for mini-Golf, soccer field, Playground for playing pétanque and tennis courts. Thus, locals and visitors can spend in the water Park all day to get a tan in the summer, relax and enjoy some summer fun in the winter, to chat with friends.