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Anglican Church. Luke

Near the hotel Bristol in Karlovy vary, you can see the Church of red stone. It resembles that of the English chapel - restrained, modest and is directed to God and Heaven. The similarity is not accidental: it is the Anglican Church of St. Luke, set up by the English tourists.

English, like Russian, spent a lot of time at the resort of Karlovy vary, adjusting health, resting at a local casino and knotting noncommittal novels. They feel here like at home, but the climate here was not much better than crude, unwelcoming England. Full of happiness English tourists are not enough churches, where they could be alone and talk to God. And then on the Castle hill was found a comfortable place where donations of English holidaymakers master Josephsohn began building a new Church, which was consecrated in the name St. Luke.

The project for the Church has developed Oscar Moter from Leipzig. He wanted to achieve almost complete similarity of the future Church with the Anglican churches, which he managed. The Church was built in the shape of a cross. It is crowned by a wooden turret with a small gallery. The Church consists of two aisles, rests on thick columns and different unbleached walls that give the Church a touch of romance and exoticism.

The Church was opened in 1877. She regularly worked for more than 30 years, but then was closed for restoration. Nowadays the service is not carried out, but to get in the middle. In the Anglican Church there is a Museum of wax figures.