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Anezsky monastery

On the banks of the Vltava river a little away from all the city's attractions stands Anezsky monastery - once an influential convent, run by a sister of king Wenceslas I. In principle, a loving brother for her and built this monastery in the early thirteenth century, which purchased the building of the old hospital.

The building of the monastery was built in the Gothic style. During the construction of the monastery it was new and surprising.

The monastery flourished for several centuries. Its main body was added to the room that housed the order of the brothers of the Minorite. In the crypt of Premyslovice found his solace and the Agnes, and her brother, and her nephew Przemysl Otokar II, though later his remains were moved to St. Vitus Cathedral.

In 1556, the monastery began to possess the Dominicans. They are kind of ordered to get complex. The premises that housed the nuns, continued to dissipate, and all other buildings, including the building of the Minorite, was sold. Nuns-Clarisse was able to return to my monastery only in 1629. Under Emperor Joseph II the monastery finally closed, and its territory is given under warehouses.

Only in the mid-twentieth century Gothic building in the Old position was restored and gifted to the National gallery. Now, there are demonstrations of medieval art not only the Czech Republic but also other countries. The entrance to the branch of the Museum located on Agnes street.

The monastery of the Holy aniki is a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.