/ / The area of the Czechoslovak fortifications hlučín-Darkovicky

The area of the Czechoslovak fortifications hlučín-Darkovicky

If you bothered to explore the natural and architectural landmarks, and castles seem to resemble each other and are not surprised, Moravian-Silesian region has to offer the visiting military fortifications, created not so long ago - even before the second world war. One of these fortification systems is located in Hlucin-Darkovicky and is a segment along the state border, which, in the opinion of the Czechoslovak government of the time had to guard with great care. Fort near Moravian Ostrava was the first building of this kind during the First Republic. During its construction the engineers only created plan of these buildings, which can now be found in many places in the Moravian-Silesian region.

Fortification in hlučín-Darkovicky consists of a system of trenches and several infantry Bunkers - MO-S18, S19, S20. Also here you can see a light DOT model 37A. These buildings have been preserved from the years 1935-1938 in relatively good condition. To ensure them proper care and to protect them from the devastation that can provide people, it was decided to turn the site of the former defensive system in the Museum. Nowadays, the area in hlučín-Darkovicky is administered by the Silesian municipal Museum, so there are qualified guides who are very interesting and tell about the history of that difficult period, when there were these fortifications, and the Fort security. This war memorial is also interesting the fact that anyone can try on the role of defender of the borders, arm the weapon, of course, dummy, and try hitting the target. Children, especially boys, from a visit to this Fort will be delighted!