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Arch bridge

The original monument is located in Czech Darkov Spa, which is adjacent to Carvin and is part of it. This distinctive arched bridge that connects the two banks of the small river Oldza. Until recently, the bridge was a car, but now it can only move cyclists and pedestrians, making the axle extremely popular among the guests of the town of Darkov. Because now you can stay right in the middle of the bridge, head on the current river, feed the ducks without fear that you will hit by a car. Thus, the arched bridge, whose length is 56 meters, has become a local landmark, where it considers it its duty to report every vacationer resort Darkov. Besides, from this bridge and the famous Czech Spa.

The bridge was built in 1925 with the use of innovative for its time engineering solutions. It becomes clear what it is, if you pay attention to the unusual shape of the arches of the bridge.

In 1997 the water in the oldza river and rose to a very high level. The city experienced a flood, which was considerably damaged, and the supports of the arched bridge. The city Council decided on a complete renovation of the building. The repair was carried out between 2003 and 2005. The bridge was completely rebuilt, a little raised above the river, so that next time the water in case the flood did not touch the road surface.

The bridge is made very unusual. Its streamlined shape is so recognizable that the government of the Czech Republic even issued a commemorative coin with his image.