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Archbishop's Palace

Archbishop's residence in Olomouc is a complex Palace complex with two courtyards, three entrances and seven residential buildings, which is open to the public. Local guides do not get tired to emphasize that Olomouc is the only place in Central Europe where access to the sanctum of the hierarchs of the Catholic Church. During a visit to the Palace, the tourists have the opportunity to see a few dwellings, luxury library, office, which deals with Church issues, the hall is designed for various exhibitions.

Archbishop's Palace is not only a private residence and public building in the interiors which often hosts cultural events and meetings of national importance.

The building of the Palace appeared in the XVI century and since then has undergone many changes. The original Renaissance mansion was considerably damaged during a fire that occurred in the Thirty years war. The emergence of a large Palace complex Olomouc obliged to the Bishop Karl II of Liechtenstein Kastelkorn. He renovating the building after the fire, decided on its expansion, which purchased the neighboring old house and demolished them, thereby clearing the space for construction of new buildings. Then the residence was decorated in the Baroque style.

In the early XX century, another fire caused a new reconstruction of the Palace complex. At that time the roof was decorated with neo-Baroque cupola in the manner and with the statue of St. Wenceslas.

The local Archbishop's Palace witnessed the visits of many crowned heads, among them the Russian Emperor Alexander I and Austrian monarchs Maria Theresa and Franz Joseph I.