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The Archbishopric

Next to the Church of St. Jacob the Elder and the Italian yard, on the street Jakubska is the Archbishopric, whose building looks strictly and concisely, as befits the place where gathered to discuss pressing matters of the highest ranks of the Church. In addition, the Archdiocese worked with the Sunday school, where in 1594 1599 years there has been training of young people seeking to continue their education in higher educational institutions of University type and move on the scientific path. The Holy fathers who worked as teachers, were educated people, who possessed a large library that included the works of many philosophers and scientists of the past. Beliefs and theories some of them the Church did not approve, but this does not mean that their books could not find in the local book Depository. The portal of the building of the Archbishopric decorated with sayings of Cicero carved in stone. Their common sense is that learning different kind of science - is the key to a wonderful future.

By the way, the portal is decorated with the coat of arms of the city of kutná Hora, which has been preserved in perfect condition till our time. Artsy entrance to the Archbishopric is the only freedom in the design of the building. To work on the portal was invited by the stone Carver by the name of Paul. He lived in Prague, and his craftsmanship was appreciated far beyond the borders of the capital of the Czech state.

If you walk from the Archbishopric to the Church of St. Jakub, you can see laying on the pavement, which is more than three centuries. This is probably the oldest bridge in the city.