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The caves of Los Tres Ojos

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Park Los Tres Ojos is named in honor of its main attractions - the huge system of caves, the former sacred place of the Taino Indians, formerly a place of sacrifice. Now she is fully converted for walking: equipped with paths and ladders and observation decks, where from a great height you can see the three lakes, in whose honor the cave, and the Park got its name. Los Tres Ojos in Spanish means "Three eyes".

The lake is located at a depth of 15 meters and do not communicate with each other. The water is different in color and composition. In one of the lakes the water is fresh, the other salty, and the third is saturated with hydrogen sulphide. Previously, there could be found another lake, which is now separated from the caves of boulders left after the collapsed arch. Until recently in the lakes you can swim, but rather the authorities sounded the alarm because of the frequent accidents. So tourists take a dip in the lake cave, in our days you can't. Instead, it offers another attraction - a ride on a pleasure boat on the aquamarine expanse of the largest lake and admire the stalactites hanging from the bottom. By boat you can also get to the lake, which is located under the open sky. Local residents earn the money for the amusement of tourists jump from 20-meter height in the lake, raising a bunch of spray.

The cave of Los Tres Ojos was formed in the earthquake. Lake it was formed not at once. The water came from underground sources.