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National Park Del este

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In the province of La Romana there is an amazing nature reserve Del este. It was founded in 1975 and is a 792 sq. km national Park consists of a mainland and a small island of Saona, which is also called the island of the bounty. On the island, discovered by Columbus in 1494, and can be reached by boat. As it is a protected area, large-scale construction here is prohibited. The exception was made only for the residents of the island village of Mano Juan, who sell Souvenirs and thereby earn a living. Now the Saone, is a heavy white beaches, mangrove, and relict forests, where there are more than fifty different species of plants. Also the island is famous for its caves, which in the sixteenth century served as a refuge for the Indians, hiding from the Spaniards. For tourists is sightseeing tour of the city, then they can relax on one of the beaches of the island. The sea near the banks of the Saône, ideal for diving.

The mainland part of the reserve is not less interesting than the island. It consists mostly of deciduous forests. In local the subtropical dry forest once inhabited by Taino Indians. Now about human activities in these places except that resemble beautiful beaches in the Western part of the Park. In the reserve live 112 species of birds. To see at least some of them, you need to go deep into the jungle. Lovers boat trips to see the turtles, dolphins bottlenose Dolphin and manatees. Yacht with tourists usually ply along the shore, where are mangroves.