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Columbus Lighthouse

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One of the newest at the time of construction of the attractions of Santo Domingo Columbus lighthouse. This imposing building, more like some fancy monument or fortress, located on the East of the city. In fact, if you look at it from above, you can see a large cross.

The lighthouse is named in honor of Columbus is not just in order to emphasize the achievements of the great Navigator. In fact, this mausoleum, where the sarcophagus on the chains, the remains of Christopher Columbus. Search history and facilities here the ashes of the famous discoverer of like a detective novel. Three States (except the Dominican Republic, even Spain and Cuba) publicly declare that Columbus is buried in their territory. It is known that Christopher Columbus was buried in Spain. 31 years after his death, the coffin of the Explorer was taken to Santo Domingo and placed in the main temple of the city. Then start some guesswork. They say that in 1795 the remains of Columbus came to Cuba, and a little later back to Spain. Local historians claim that Cuba had transferred the remains of Columbus's son Diego, and the coffin of Christopher never left the Dominican Republic. It seems that he remained in the crypt of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo. As evidence of the truth of his version, they make a bone from a sarcophagus in the bullet. As is known, Columbus was wounded when he served in the armed forces of the crown.

The Columbus lighthouse was built from 1986 to 1992. The construction of this facility with a height of 33 meters, the authorities spent approximately $ 70 million. At night the mausoleum illuminated by floodlights 157. At the Grand opening of the lighthouse invited the Pope John Paul II. Therefore, near the entrance to the lighthouse to commemorate the visit of Pope mounted his car (the so-called "popemobile").

The Columbus Lighthouse is a small Museum dedicated to those countries that helped in the construction of this building.