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The Columbus Palace

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Two-storey Palace of Columbus is situated on the river ozama in the Plaza of Spain in the historic centre of Santo Domingo. It was built in 1514 for the son of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America. On the construction of the Palace of Columbus, worked 1,500 representatives of an Indian tribe, who were sentenced to correctional work for some transgression. Diego Columbus appointed Governor of the king, long enjoyed a purpose-built home. He had lived there for only 7 years and went home to Spain. The family of Columbus house in Santo Domingo belonged to 1577. Then it was closed and left to the mercy of the locals who did not fail to take away all valuable. The building stood boarded up and fell into disrepair. Palace managed to save from total destruction in 1870, when it brought in the list of monuments of culture.

The original Palace of Columbus had 55 rooms, which were abandoned in the mid-twentieth century, when the restorers started to restore the building. Failed to fix, only 22 of the hall. However, the public was told that the amazing atmosphere of the colonial era, inherent in the house of Columbus, was able to save.

Currently, the building is a Museum dedicated to the life of the Spaniards that lived in Santo Domingo in the sixteenth century. Very short beds, which can be seen in master bedrooms, due to the low growth of the colonists, and that the nobles at that time were sleeping sitting down. Ladies were afraid to damage your hair, which was done once a month, and the gentlemen thus helped our stomachs to digest a late dinner.

Many items of home interior Columbus original, although it was not manufactured in Santo Domingo, and Spain, where they were taken to Santo Domingo. Here you can see the knight's armor, cooking utensils, antique furniture, art paintings, covered with noble patina of the mirror. Remarkable spiral staircase that leads to the second floor of the building. She spun clockwise at the request of the owner, who was left-handed.