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Street Las Damas

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Santo Domingo is a unique city. Here for the first time on the territory of the Americas was built two-storey mansion and founded the first street. This street is now called in honor of beautiful women - Calle Las Damas (street of the Ladies). It is located in the heart of the colonial part of Santo Domingo.

According to urban legend, this street was founded, thanks to the wife of the Governor of New Spain, son of Christopher Columbus, Diego Maria de Toledo, the Duchess of Alba. For the first time this street saw Maria in 1509. Prior to this, the urban artery, uniting several historic buildings, existed for 7 years. When Diego with his wife and court, arrived in Santo Domingo, the first street in the city, which in those days was called Calle de La Fortaleza, because it started from the fortress (in Spanish, "Fortaleza") Osama, was a depressing spectacle. The dust on it was a pillar, because no one thought to pave it with flagstones. Mary and her ladies terribly upset, for he brought to the New world shoes. Therefore, for the wife of the Viceroy of a single street laid out with stones. Ladies began to saunter her to Church and back, and the gentlemen observed the beauties from the Windows of a two story house, which now houses the Museum of the Royal palaces. In honor of the ladies-in-waiting Maria de Toledo street got its name.

For Calle Las Damas are located many famous sights of the city. Here you can find a House of the Jesuits, which is adjacent to the Pantheon, where are buried the national heroes of the Dominican Republic. In front of the building stand in the honor guard soldiers. On the street you can see the mighty fortress of Ozama and traditional local colonial houses, including the Casa de Bastidas - the residence of the Conquistador don Rodrigo de Bastidas. Rests on street Las Damas in the area of Spain.