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National Palace

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One of the most magnificent and beautiful buildings of Santo Domingo's national Palace, whose owner is the President of the Dominican Republic.

The neoclassical building was constructed in the period from 1944 to 1947 by architect from Italy Guido D'alessandro, cost the country a tidy sum. Construction, material, furnishings was estimated at 5 million pesos. The building was supposed to become the new symbol of the country, as its construction began in a very important state holiday - 27 February 1944, when it was celebrated the centenary of the independence of the Dominican Republic. For the construction of the National Palace had to be demolished former Presidential house, which was built by the Americans, who occupied the country in 1916-1924 year.

The area of the new three-storey Palace - 18 thousand sq m. the First floor is occupied by service rooms on the first floor are the offices of the President and his Deputy, hall for receptions, reception. The third floor is famous for its luxurious rooms, each of which has its own name. Here you can find the Green salon, the hall of the Caryatids, the room of the Ambassadors, and many others. Also on the third floor are located the private apartments of the President of the Dominican Republic.

The most prominent and dominant architectural detail of the National Palace is a large dome with a height of 34 meters, which rests on 18 pillars. The marble for the presidential mansion were brought from the local quarries. Of great interest is also the chapel of St. Raphael the Archangel, built at the Palace. Its decor is characterized by pomp and luxury.

In the national Palace you can get into the tour group.