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Adventure Park "Ocean World"

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On one of the popular beaches of Puerto the Board you can find the adventure Park "Ocean World" - a large entertainment complex that includes a Dolphinarium, casino, theatre and many shops, restaurants and discos. It opened in 2004 and immediately became a favorite destination of all tourists arriving to Puerto Plata. The pride of the Park is a huge Dolphinarium, the largest in the world. Performances for children and adults are held every day. In addition, the Park participates in charity events and gives the opportunity to the children undergoing rehabilitation at the local hospital, to communicate with dolphins. In 2006, the Park appeared a port for ocean yachts and casinos. The opening of these institutions was a real celebration featuring popular musical group "The Beach Boys".

Visitors of "Ocean World" have the opportunity to observe the habits of marine life. In addition to dolphins, here you can see sea lions, rays, sharks, etc. animals can communicate, to stroke, to feed. The management of the Park have developed special programs that help kids 4-12 years old get acquainted with the underwater world and its inhabitants, learn about the importance of caring for the environment. Kids and their parents can watch a special video about the inhabitants of an adventure Park, and then to participate in the drawing, and gaming marathons.

Interestingly, every visitor, buying a ticket, determines their leisure. To pay a visit on the view of dolphins and sea lions, but you can buy a combined ticket that allows you to spend the whole day in the "Ocean World". There is swimming in the pool with the dolphins and dive into the oceanic depths in the company of the instructor.