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The national Pantheon

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The national Pantheon is considered one of the iconic places of the Dominican capital, so his visit is a part of the city tour. If you are not interested in the mausoleum, where are buried a number of people whose contribution to the development of the city and the country can hardly be overestimated, but whose names are European travellers almost nothing to say, you can simply admire the majestic building from the street, especially in front of him several times a day is the changing of the guard, and it is always spectacular and unusual.

Probably, the shape of the Pantheon resemble some appearance of a Christian Church. And this is true. Before the building was converted into a mausoleum that only happened in the last century, it served as a Church. Its construction started in 1714, the monks who lived nearby in the house of the Jesuits. The construction progressed slowly. Only in 1746 it was first service. This Church was famous for the fact that the priest at mass table with his back to the faithful, to see everything, could see only the altar and not be distracted during prayer. Unfortunately, the Jesuit fathers were able to enjoy his new Church for only 21 years. In 1767 they were expelled from the territory of America, and the property confiscated to the state. At first from the temple did the warehouse where he kept the tobacco. Then the Jesuit Church was converted into a school, and later in the theatre, where often the patriots, who dreamt of independence.

Finally, in 1956, on the initiative of the ruler of the Dominican Republic Rafael Trujillo, the Church, after reconstruction by architect Javier Barroso, was turned into a Pantheon. For the entrance to the mausoleum does not require a ticket. Anyone can see sarcophagi, some of which is empty. Please pay attention to the great chandelier - a personal gift from the dictator of Spain Baamonde. Finally, in the window bars of the Pantheon can be seen a swastika. They presented the Dominican Republic Adolf Hitler himself.