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National Botanical garden

Photos and description

Parks with tropical plants on the territory of the Dominican Republic very much. However, there's a place where an area of 2.5 km square gathered almost all the representatives of the local flora. This national Botanical garden, founded in 1976, a nerd, an enthusiast of the business R. M., Pueyo.

Not to miss the most interesting parts of the vast Park, it is recommended to view it from the car of the special train. Familiarity with the Botanical garden begins at one of its attractions is the large flower clock with a diameter of 20 meters. The Park consists of several themed areas, which certainly makes it easier inspection. One of the most interesting sectors of the garden is water. At the Botanical Park is 109 reservoirs, each of which is covered with various aquatic plants. Here there are about 40 species. Romantic natures like best visiting Orchid gardens, where 300 species of these gorgeous flowers. Generally, about half of the area of the Botanical garden is a jungle, which at first glance seem impenetrable. For guests of the Park there are special paths leading into the heart of the rainforest.

The pride of the National Botanical garden of Dominican Republic is considered amazing Japanese sector, where can you find the rock garden, dwarf trees and gazebo in Oriental style.

Finish your walk at the local Botanical garden, in the Museum of natural history, dedicated to the fauna of the Dominican Republic.