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The Fortress Of Ozama

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The Spaniards settled in the New world, is very jealously guarded their new possessions. For this was built a fortress behind which you can hide while attacking the French or the British. The fortress of Osama appeared in the XV century in a strategic location - at the port, on the shores of the river. Now, looking at the fortress, surrounded by a strip of land, it's hard to believe that several centuries ago the waters of the river lapped directly on its walls.

The fortress of Ozama is a complex of buildings for various purposes, which is enclosed by a high crenellated wall. The most significant object in its territory is Torre del Homenaje. On its roof there is an observation site that you should visit every self-respecting tourist. There are stunning views of the sprawling Santo Domingo. Tower with a two-meter wall was once the dungeon where they kept prisoners of the Indians, and then those people in the country who tried to start a revolution. In 1844 Torre del Homenaje was at the center of the uprising that led to the separation of the Dominican Republic from Haiti. It was on this tower was raised the national flag.

To the South of the tower is a one-story building, built in the XVIII century. His three-meter high walls protected the Armory. About Arsenal from the river you can see remains of fortifications.

The fortress of Ozama there is a bronze monument depicting commander de Oviedo, who, in addition to military Affairs, and was interested also in history and created the world's first work devoted to the past of the New world.