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Manati Park Bavaro

Photos and description

Near Bavaro beach near Punta Cana, has a magnificent entertainment area, which includes the rainforest, and folk village. And the Dolphinarium, a zoo, and much more. Manatee Park is designed for families. Here come the whole families, each member of which finds something to their liking. Ladies will surely enjoy the tropical garden, striking abundance of blooming orchids. In General, this Park has many plants, typical of the Dominican Republic. The local zoo have to like kids. Here you can see the lazy snakes, iguanas, colorful, noisy parrots, delicate flamingos and other representatives of the local fauna. Don't forget to look in the Dolphinarium, where it is allowed to swim with the dolphins. Do not be afraid for their children, because in the pool with them will be experienced instructors.

During the day in different parts of the Park are views, main heroes of which are parrots, horses and of course the already mentioned dolphins. Animals are allowed to stroke, feed. Kids love to be photographed with them. In souvenir shops Manatee Park, you can buy various items with the image of the beloved animals.

The fathers will be able to appreciate the recreated village Taino Indian tribe that lived on the lands of the Dominican Republic before the arrival of Columbus and the Spaniards. However, the historic settlement of Taino will be interesting to all tourists, who arrived in this country. Actors portraying Indians dancing and playing traditional musical instruments. A small Museum, which is located on the territory of the village, offers an exhibition of art paintings by the Dominican masters and the collection of national clothes of the Indians.