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Franciscan monastery ruins

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The first in the New world, the monastery was built in Santo Domingo. It was owned by the monks of the Franciscan order. Now this stone complex standing on a hill and surrounded by a metal fence, there were some ruins that are the perfect backdrop for various festivals and concerts. Do not forget about sacred building and tourists.

The construction of the monastery began in 1509 by order of Nicolas de Ovando and lasted for 50 years. Complex for monks, built in the styles of Gothic and Renaissance, consists of four residential buildings and two adjoining chapels. On the territory of the monastery are buried several prominent people - traveler, a member of the expedition of Columbus, Alonso de Ojeda and Bartolomeo Columbus, brother of the great Navigator. The ashes of these people were discovered by archaeologists.

Above the main entrance you can see the coat of arms of the Franciscans that was supposed to remind passers-by about the owners of this building. There was a time when the monastery was occupied by the military and transformed it into a fortress. In those days the inhabitants of Santo Domingo called the Holy monastery of the House of the devil, because on its territory contained the arrested people. Till our days, about monastic complex, leaving gaps in the soil, which, according to some scholars, he lived poor prisoners.

For the first time the damage to the monastery was caused during a RAID by Francis Drake. Then, there have been two earthquakes that have also not spared the monastery. In the XVIII century the monastery was restored and turned it into a hospital for the insane. Finally, in 1930, after the revelry of the hurricane, the monastery has decided not to rebuild.