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European village of Altos de Chavon

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In the vicinity of the city of La Romana, on the plateau above the river chavón, is the so-called European village of Altos de Chavon, which is also referred to as settlement masters. In 1976, local artisans working with wood, metal, fabric, leather and other materials, created in a secluded area outside the city of La Romana, their settlement, stylized under the medieval Spanish village. Over time, the Altos de Chavon learned tourists.

Local workshops - a kind of educational center, which hosts workshops, allowing them to master any craft. All products that produce novice crafters, and is painted scarves, tapestries, pottery, wrought iron figurines, jewelry, toys, etc., can be purchased as a souvenir of the visit to Altos de Chavon. In addition to creative studios, here you can find art galleries, exhibition halls, shops, taverns, and even an amphitheater, which can accommodate 5 thousand people. It was built in 1982 as a venue for concerts and performances. On a stone stage in the open air has performed many world pop stars. There are mass festivals and festivities. In the same year, in the European village of the Dominican Republic appeared Archaeological Museum where you can see the history of the Indians who inhabited the island before the arrival of the Spaniards.

One of the most interesting buildings of the village is the Church of St. Stanislaus - patron of Poland. The Church was consecrated by the name of this Saint, to please the Pope John Paul II, who in 1979 called for the Dominican Republic. Dad, as you know, was Polish in origin. In the Church of St. Stanislaus now mainly held wedding.