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Museum of the Royal palaces

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Museum of the Royal palaces is one of the most important cultural monuments built in Santo Domingo, it is Also one of the most visited museums of the city.

The construction of the building began on 5 October 1511 by order of king Ferdinand of Aragon. The original building of the Palace built in the Renaissance style, was divided into 2 parts: one part was the Palace of the commander in chief, and a second room for the Royal court.

18 October 1973 the building was named a Museum, but the official opening took place only on 31 may 1976. The opening ceremony was attended by the king of Spain Juan Carlos I.

The Museum reproduces the life of the colonial era, presents the life governors, and a collection of gilded furniture, huge collection of weapons of the dictator Trujillo, which includes samurai swords, daggers and armor. In addition to the Museum can see objects found on sunken ships. Some coins have lain so long under water that turned into a solid gold bar. The earliest exhibits date back to the year 1492.

Also in the Museum you can view exhibits telling visitors about the voyages of Christopher Columbus, the life of Taino Indians and African slaves.

The former Royal court you can see the solar clock, which kept time in the XVII century.