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The amber Museum

Photos and description

In an unremarkable house in the street El Conde in downtown Santo Domingo since 1996, is a unique private Museum of amber. It belongs to the owner of the local factory on manufacture of products from amber and Jorge Caridade. The Museum was created not only for advertising purposes of the company Caridade, but to expose the public to a unique treasure, a story about education, the history of extraction of amber, its use for many centuries.

The main treasure of the Museum is the largest piece of amber found in the Dominican Republic. In addition, you can see an impressive collection of amber fossils, and a collection of articles of larimar blue semi - precious stone that is found only in the Dominican Republic. The Museum often hosts temporary exhibitions of artists who work with amber.

To please tourists looking for gifts to friends or Souvenirs at the Museum shop where you can buy jewelry with amber, larimar and other unique stones.

The Museum also has a Department with the literature on the processing and the determination of the genuineness of amber. Here are also historical and scientific works, where the question is raised about the origin and formation of this stone, and its main characteristics.

Museum of contemporary, highlighted with informative booths, with a huge magnifying glass to be frozen in the resin of prehistoric midges in detail. A visit to the amber Museum will appeal to adults and children.