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House Of Tostado

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A small colonial mansion Casa de Tostado, whose name translates as the Home of the sash, is located on Arzobispo, Marino in the historic centre of Santo Domingo. Currently, this mansion turned into a Museum of the Dominican family of the XIX century. The purpose of this institution was to popularize history and customs of the Dominican Republic in the environment of local residents and foreign visitors.

Casa del Tostado was built in 1503 and named after its owner, Escribano Francisco de Tostado. At first glance it may seem that this house, as two drops of water similar to the other colonial mansions: the white walls, which are essential in a country with a hot climate, a virtually flat tile roof, an open terrace in the tower above the main entrance. However, connoisseurs of architecture will notice the double Gothic window located above the Central portal. Strange but true: the Gothic Windows you will not find in any house in the territory of the Americas.

The Museum in the House sash was opened after restoration in 1973. The exhibits he had collected throughout the country. Here are the personal belongings, furniture, documents, photographs, paintings, bronze candlesticks, porcelain knick-knacks and utensils that belonged to the families from different parts of the Dominican Republic. Among the paintings on display in the Museum of the Dominican family, you can see real masterpieces written by famous local artists of the XIX century. In addition, the Museum has a large exhibition of decorative and applied art.