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The house of the Jesuits

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To the National Pantheon, which is known to be converted from the former Jesuit Church, is adjacent to another building, closely associated with the religious order. This is the Home of the Jesuits, which is considered one of the oldest buildings of Santo Domingo.

Two-storey, typical local mansion, overgrown with ivy, was built in 1502 on the funds of the commandant of Santo Domingo Nicolas de Ovando. The house of the Jesuits was one of the 14 palaces, which, in fact, began the modern capital of the Dominican Republic.

At first, the mansion called Casa de Gorhon. It was opened University, who has worked within these walls until 1711, while in the New world came the Holy fathers-the Jesuits. They bought a house right in the centre of Santo Domingo and almost immediately developed a storm of activity. Three years later, near his residence, with the permission of the Bishop, Domingo Fernandez de Navarrete, they started building their own Church. It continued until 1746. Subsequently, this Church was transformed first in the theater, and then to the Pantheon - the burial place of many famous Dominican citizens.

The Jesuits continued to live in his house. Probably many of them were dissatisfied with living conditions. Some of them even after death continue to resent and to remind the living of myself. In the city there are rumors that at night in the House of the Jesuits often are heard the groans and noises produced only as ghosts. These stories belie the employees of those organizations which now occupy the rooms of this Palace complex, consisting of several buildings. Now you can find the Fund for the Development of the Dominican Republic and several offices of the Museum of the Royal palaces.