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Two-storey House with cords, the name of which in Spanish sounds like the Casa del Cordon, with white stucco walls and small Windows located in the colonial part of Santo Domingo on the corner of Isabel La católica and emiliano Tejera. This mansion got its name because of the unusual decor. Above its portal you can see the molding in the form of a cord, the ends of which descend along the door. This cord symbolizes the sash, which is the "calling card", a sign of the Franciscan order. Poet, the mansion of Casa del Cordon is also commonly called Home the blue ribbon.

This house, built in 1503, then belonged to Francisco de Garay, Conquistador who participated in the conquest of Mexico, the Governor of Jamaica and colleague of Columbus. In 1509 there stayed for a short time Viceroy of New Spain, Diego Columbus, together with his wife Maria de Toledo, niece of Ferdinand II, before moving to a private residence, which was two steps away from this mansion. Here also lived for some time Miguel Diaz, the founder of the city of Santo Domingo.

In the House with cords, which was considered one of the most fashionable mansions of Santo Domingo, stopped Francis Drake, famous English pirate, seized in the late sixteenth century, the island of Haiti. He demanded a huge ransom for the captured men, who had to pay the local women. They were brought to the main gate of the House with cords for your jewelry, hoping to alleviate the plight of loved ones.

Now in the Casa del Cordon is a Bank, so inspect the interior will not work. Although tourists are recommended to go to the Bank to exchange currency and at the same time to see the famous building up close.