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Park Mirador del sur

Photos and description

Mirador del sur is one of the green parks of the capital of the Dominican Republic city of Santo Domingo. It is far from the historic areas, so the easiest way to reach it by taxi.

This Park stretches along the Avenue of the same name, so there is almost never deserted. However, most visitors can be seen morning and evening. In the morning on the trails of the Park are going to people involved in sports. Many of the locals prefer to exercise in the fresh air and finish her run. Avenue, passing through the Park at this time, and from 16.00 to 20.00 is declared a pedestrian zone, so no car did not stop the aspirations of citizens to live a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, the Park Mirador del sur referred to as the "Alley of health". Also in the Park there are lots of sports fields, where they play basketball and baseball.

Night lovers come here entertainment. The fact that in the Park there are several large natural caves converted into restaurants. In one of these caves previously inhabited by the Indians.

To eat, it is not necessary to go to a pathetic institution from playing loud music. Enough to find the cart of the seller of juices and snacks. Those shops are equipped with wheels that run throughout the Park.

Park Mirador del sur is also very trendy and cultural place. There are often various festivals, concerts of pop stars, fairs, and other events. On these festivities are usually announced in advance. Tourists can learn about the next time the show, hosted in the Park Mirador del sur in the information office.