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House Of The Holy Sacrament

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One of the most brilliant palaces in Santo Domingo called the House of the Holy Sacrament, or of the House presidents. It was built in the early XVI century for the noble family of garai which owned it until 1822, until the city was under the control of the Republic of Haiti. The house was named in honor of the Holy Sacrament for a reason. They say that the mistress of the mansion once witnessed how her son was playing with manual monkey on the roof. Suddenly, the monkey freaked out and almost dropped the baby down. Instead of running for help, the mother began to pray fervently to God who heard her. Orangutan gently picked up the baby and brought it down the stairs to the nursery.

In the house of the Holy Sacrament in the years lived by many famous people of the New world. For example, there was a guest of the Royal Secretary, Diego Caballero, the Governor Alexis carrier and first Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Alfonso Benmayor. When the owners of the mansion had left him, the city authorities of doing Church school. Seminarians replaced the usual students who attended lectures in this house, which after a few years turned into a University. After studying the mansion began to develop soldiers here were discovered the barracks. Nowadays, the building belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. His room is home to the local Archbishop. Unfortunately, as it is a private residence, the house is closed for inspection.

The mansion of the Holy Sacrament the same is decorated with two openwork towers-pavilions with red-tiled roofs, built in 1931. There is in this mansion and inner arcade courtyard with green lawns.