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The Dominican Museum of man

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On the area of Culture in Santo Domingo you can find several museums. Perhaps the most interesting of them is the Dominican Museum of man, which is also called the Museum of the Dominican culture. Its exposition tells about the distant past of the country and dedicated to the culture and traditions of Indian tribes that lived here before the arrival of Columbus.

The mansion that houses the Museum was built in the 70-ies of XX century by the architect H. C. A. Alvarez, who became the first custodian and Director of the Museum. This educated man, who wrote 8 scientific papers and led by two universities, knew exactly what was eager to see arrived in the Dominican Republic traveler. The second floor of the Dominican Museum of man, where visitors are not allowed, reserved for offices workers. Here is the memorial hall of former Directors of this institution. Only through their efforts and expertise, the Museum has become one of the best in the country.

Visitors to the Museum have the opportunity to learn the history of the Taino tribes, who, according to historians, invented the hammock, but still popular in the Dominican Republic cake, casaba, musical instrument guira. In some areas of the country modern fishermen now fish as did representatives of the Taino. In the Museum you can see weapons, tools, masks, ceramics, funerary monuments and other items typical of the culture of the Taino. Several rooms of the Museum dedicated to the Spanish colonizers and black slaves, whom the discoverers of the New world brought with them. On the interaction of these peoples with the indigenous population of the Dominican Republic tell us some more exposures.