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Captain's Palace

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Casa de Bastidas, a low Palace with a courtyard, located in the colonial part of Santo Domingo, under the protection of UNESCO. In guidebooks this building, erected in the early sixteenth century, often called the Captain's Palace.

Casa de Bastidas in the past has witnessed many historical events. It was built in 1510 by order of the powerful Conquistador, tax collector of don Rodrigo de Bastidas. This man, favorably refers to the Indian population of the New world, founded the city of Santa Marta in Colombia, where the memory of him still alive in the hearts of people. His son had held the position of Bishop of Puerto Rico.

One of the most famous people of that time, de Bastidas was built on the most famous street of Santo Domingo, Calle Las Damas luxurious residence with an area of 3 thousand square meters in the traditional Spanish style. Shaded patio of this mansion with a tracery arcades reminded the master about his distant European homeland. A typical Renaissance Palace has a portal made in the neoclassical style.

De Bastidas was killed in Cuba in 1527. The mansion was inherited by his descendants - first the son, then the grandson, who was the mayor of the Brazilian city of Fortaleza.

Captain's Palace could not survive to our time, if the government of Santo Domingo has taken care of its reconstruction. It was a long time library, and hosted various seminars and lectures. Currently in the Captain's Palace is open to the Children's Museum. His room is always open for temporary exhibitions that take place here very often.