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House of five medallions

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Casa de La Moneda - so in Spanish is the title of the mansion at the intersection of Mercedes and emiliano Tejera. This name translates as "the Mint house" and it is absolutely wrong. Mint, where did produce the money, was standing a few steps away from this mansion. Unfortunately, up to now it has not survived. But history sometimes makes very strange somersaults - at present, the mansion is the Museum of numismatics and philately. That is, it was under his roof demonstrates extensive collection of ancient coins and rare stamps. So the name of Mint house now is quite untrue.

The house of five medallions Casa de La Moneda called for the ornamentation of its facade. On the main portal you can see the stone reliefs in the form of medallions, which depict people of different ages. Here you can see the portrait of a child, teenager, young man, Mature man and the old man. Historians believe that this image of the Spanish king Charles V.

Mansion five medallions built in 1540 for a wealthy nobleman, made in the Royal service. Connoisseurs of architecture will immediately recognize the building of plateresque style by the characteristic flat detailed ornament which adorned the Central portal of the house. The entrance is framed by two integrated in the building columns with capitals.

In 1972, the old mansion was closed for restoration, and after 13 years, then opened a popular Museum of numismatics and philately.

House of five medallions before you can see on the banknote 100 Dominican pesos.