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The ruins of the hospital of St. Nicholas of Bari

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Picturesque ruins, which became a huge hospital of St. Nicholas of Bari, reminiscent of the days of the development of the New world. This hospital was built in the early XVI century. It is notable that the first hospital built on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

The construction of this building, for which the inhabitants of Santo Domingo should thank the Governor of the time Nicolas de Ovando, lasted from 1503 to 1519 years. After a few years after the discovery, she became very famous and respected medical institution, which came from all around. According 1522, the hospital took approximately 700 people annually.

The original building of the hospital of St. Nicholas of Bari was built of wood. In 1533 it was demolished and replaced by a stone structure, the design of which resembled a cross. This hospital not touched by the troops of Francis Drake, when Santo Domingo was in the hands of the British. In the middle of the XVIII century, the hospital was left behind. The reasons for this treatment of the very strong building scientists can not name. The hospital survived after several storms, and even survived a couple of earthquakes. However, the Zenon hurricane in 1930 became the hospital for the past. In fairness it should be noted that from the weather then was injured half of the buildings in the city.

The local authorities decided not to rebuild the hospital, but rather to remove an overhanging walls that could collapse at any moment directly on the heads of passers-by. The inhabitants of Santo Domingo have appreciated this approach and connected to a Stripping stone for their own needs. To date, the brilliant hospital a few walls with arched doorways.