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The library of Alexandria

Library of Alexandria built in 2002 next to the harbour in the ancient city center. The 11-storey building accommodates more than 4 million copies of books in the future, its area can be expanded to 8 million through the use of compact storage.

The building is circular, inclined in shape, its diameter of 160 meters and a height of about 32 meters in height, the lower tiers loaded on a 12 m into the ground. The building surrounds the pool, before it is an open space, a pedestrian bridge connects the complex with the University nearby. Granite outer walls decorated with carved letters, pictograms, hieroglyphs and characters from 120 different human languages. Overwhelming size of the main reading room under the sloping roof, with a complex custom-designed Windows that fill with sunlight the room, but to detain harmful to collections of rays, can accommodate 2,500 readers.

In addition to the library, the institution also performs other cultural and educational functions. Complement the main reading room of the four specialized libraries (children from 6 to 11 years; youth from 11 to 17; a multimedia room and library for the blind). There are four permanent Museum, a planetarium, a conference centre, a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions, school of computer science.

Deserve special attention museums with collections of ancient texts, antiquarian books and maps and a copy of the only surviving scroll from the ancient library of Alexandria.

The Museum of antiquities features a well-organized exhibition of artifacts of Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Byzantine and Islamic eras. The Museum is devoted to the Sadat former President of Egypt, it presents a record of the speech of the leader, pictures and documents. Historical Museum underneath the planetarium is targeted at children of school age, and tells of the contribution to world science three key historical eras - Pharaonic Egypt, Hellenistic Alexandria and the Islamic era. Exhibition halls of the library used to host several permanent exhibitions, including for the demonstration of works by contemporary Arab artists; bright collections of textiles, Arab folk art and the scientific equipment of the middle ages. It exhibits drawings and photographs, shows how to live, which traced the long history of the city and the country.

Tickets to the library can be purchased at the main entrance, children under the age of six years are not permitted to visit the complex. You will need at least half a day to see all the buildings of the complex, a tour of the main reading room usually takes about an hour.