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Alexandria Opera

Alexandria Opera house is located in the heart of the Egyptian port city, on the street, Tarik El-Horeya, near the area of Ramla. The city of Alexandria is not only the biggest port in the middle East, it is also one of the cultural centers of Egypt.

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the great in 331 year during his glorious military campaign to Persia and was given the name of the great commander. The building, which houses the Opera house, built during the reign of Sultan Fuad I, in 1918, the architect of France Georges Barok for the Egyptian rich guy Badr El-DIN-Kerdany, opened a theatre here and gave him the first name - Theatre Muhammad Ali. In 1921, held its Grand opening. Although the Alexandria Opera was not only in Egypt (only in the country for three operas, including the famous Cairo), she enjoyed a well-deserved attention of the famous Arab and foreign artists. In 1962 the theatre was given a new name - Sayyed Darwish, one of the authors of the national anthem of Egypt (until 1979).

In 2000, deteriorated by the time the Opera house with luxurious interiors was included in the List of Egyptian heritage. Almost four years was the reconstruction of the theatre building, which brought the building and its interiors to its former elegance and beauty. In 2004, the restored Opera house was attended by the now deposed President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak.

The Theatre of Sayed Darwish is a branch of the Cairo Opera, the center of training young talents. Here a ballet troupe and Symphony orchestra of Alexandria Opera house, which attracts tourists and Egyptians authentic Arabic art.