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Botanical garden on Kitchener's island

To the West of elephantine island is the Aswan Botanical garden, it is often called the old name - the island of Kitchener. These lands belonged to Lord Horatio Kitchener in the 1890-ies, when he commanded the army of Egypt. A passionate lover of nature, trees and flowers, Kitchener ordered to arrange a Botanical garden on the entire island, bringing samples of plants from India, the Far East and parts of Africa. Total area of the Park is 6.8 ha, it found a wide variety of birds and grow hundreds of species of flora. Shortly after the owner left the island, the land was returned to the Ministry of irrigation.

In the Park are three entrances, the Central is located on the Northern tip of the island, where you can also purchase entrance tickets. The best way to fully explore the Botanical garden - take a stroll from the main entrance, passing along the entire length of the island to its southern edge. The path will be easy and enjoyable, the whole Park is divided into 27 squares with intersecting paths, making it similar to a chess Board.

The best way to get to the Aswan Botanical garden is to rent a local boat-a felucca or motor boat on the East Bank of the Nile. For
in order not to walk back through the Park, ask the boatman to wait for you at the South end.

Kitchener's island - a popular place for family weekend and the Friday picnic. If you want quiet and privacy, it is better to plan a visit to the Park on other days.