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The Great Pyramid

The great pyramids are the most famous attractions in Egypt. They were built in 26-23 centuries BC and is located on the outskirts of Cairo on the left Bank of the Nile, on the Giza plateau. Represent the three pyramids - Cheops, Chephren and menkaure.

The pyramid of Cheops is the largest pyramid, which is the largest man-made structure. One side of its square base is nearly 230 meters. The height of the pyramid of Khufu was originally 147 meters, but due to the collapse of the upper blocks decreased by 9 meters. The total number of stone blocks is more than two million, each of which weighs over two tons. Blocks fit snugly to one another, between some can not hold a knife blade. Each face of the pyramid oriented towards the individual side of the world, to enter the pyramid from the North. At the moment, inside the pyramid there are three burial chamber with the empty sarcophagus of granite slabs. The great pyramid was plundered in ancient times, was kidnapped jewels and mummies. South of the pyramid is boat of cedar wood, which today is considered the oldest ship.

Pyramid of Khafre with a height of 136 meters was built 40 years after the construction of the pyramids. Side length of the square base is 215 meters. Previously, there were twenty-five statues of the pharaohs and the mummy of Khafre.

The pyramid of menkaure is the smallest of the three Great pyramids, with a side of base 108 metres and the original height of nearly 67 metres. Inside it are the only burial room, which is a hollow in the rock base of the pyramid.

Near the foot of Giza, are also remains of the temple of the Sphinx, and a little further monolithic statue of the Great Sphinx. The temple of the Sphinx is in poor condition, and is a pile of stone blocks of pink granite.

The first researcher of pyramids, which made a detailed study of the pyramids, was Flandres Petrie. He determined that the sides of the pyramids is strictly oriented to magnetic poles of the earth.